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Wendy Coward, Homeowner

"Blair was such a blessing to us during our remodel.  She calmed me and encouraged me during a time that could have been stressful. We had her come at different stages of the remodel and advise throughout the process. She helped with color, texture and positioning of pieces. She sent us wonderful notes to recap our time together (which I constantly refer to). They were divided up by each room or space we talked about, links to purchase the items, suggestions on how to do what we talked about, sketches and measurements.  She was very thorough and resourceful, using things I already owned when able.  We really enjoyed Blair and continue to engage her as remodeling is a long process!"

Columbia, TN

Kim Robertson, Real Estate Staging

"Working with Blair was a dream. Our first project together was getting my house ready for sale. She offered a free consultation when we got started, and she was transparent about her very reasonable pricing.  Blair advised on updates like light fixtures, paint colors, and flooring, and she led the staging as well. She made my house look great, and potential buyers thought so, too: My house sold for full asking price in two weeks!
Our second project involved my new house --- I needed help with furnishings, paint colors, and light fixtures. Blair looked at my spaces and took my family's tastes and budget into consideration before making her recommendations. She presented several options for me to choose from, making my job so much easier. She solved my design problems in no time, and now my house is a home! I am very thankful for Blair's help and can't recommend her work highly enough."

Nashville, TN

"Blair recently staged a house I listed in the Governors Club (Brentwood, TN) with a few furnishings and choice accent pieces to add beauty and elegance to the living spaces.  Speaking as a Realtor, the first impression of a potential buyer walking into a house is critical for a sale.  Blair's designs are simple yet elegant.  She truly has a flair for placing just the right furnishings and accents to bring a space alive, adding texture and a splash of color.

Soon after the staging was completed, the feedback from the other agents was amazing.  It looks like an Offer is forthcoming just one week after the house was staged!  Blair works well with her clients and is also fun to work with."

Franklin, TN

Kristin Willis, Homeowner

"Blair is an incredibly talented designer.  She has the gift of being able to walk into a space and instantly envision color and textural enhancements that would complete a look or style.  Her recommendations are both thoughtful and relevant to the aesthetic look of her client's space and budget, and she is a lot of fun to work with!"

Chapel Hill, TN

Whitney Williams, Kitchen Renovation

"Blair has a knack for pulling together colors, fabrics, and accessories in a way that gives a room a stylish, comfortable feel.  I've been pleased with how she can design around the pieces and accessories I already own to give my interior an updated look that is uniquely mine."

Cleveland, TN

Lindsey Elliott, New Construction

"I absolutely love how Blair is able to put together pieces and colors to transform a space. We had the privilege of having Blair walk with us as we selected paint colors, light fixtures, and kitchen selections for our new house. She was able to look at each room and perfectly arrange our existing furniture and pick art work to complement each room. Blair was lovely to work with and we thoroughly enjoyed having her guide us through the process of designing a new house."

Franklin, TN

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